2020 Podcast Predictions and Predicting the Asian Market

2020 Podcast Predictions and Predicting the Asian Market

Good day! This is my reaction to the recently posted 2020 Podcast Predictions from Top Industry Leaders, released by Pacific Content.

It’s a super great article and I just want to discuss some of the points brought up in there.



  • [00:40] The Apple vs. Spotify Platform War
  • [02:30] Malaysia’s current podcast sentiment, Spotify’s integration and Apple’s efforts
  • [05:50] The Third: Google and its rise of features
  • [07:55] Lack of Apple Podcast visibility in Asia
  • [08:50] UI/UX Features will be the key
  • [10:34] Continued consolidation of podcasts
  • [11:54] Asian Gimlet-sized deals a possibility?
  • [12:57] More revenue models is good!
  • [14:47] The role of local podcasting networks
  • [16:29] Disrupting advertising metrics
  • [17:53] Going global: India is already here
  • [18:29] Ximalaya and Himalaya’s Chinese dominance
  • [19:54] Hotpod for the rest of the world
  • [20:37] How Podlovers Asia will contribute + personal predictions for the Asian space

Original article can be found here: 20 Podcast Predictions for 2020 from Top Industry Leaders