Good day! This is my reaction to the recently posted 2020 Podcast Predictions from Top Industry Leaders, released by Pacific Content.

It’s a super great article and I just want to discuss some of the points brought up in there.



  • [00:40] The Apple vs. Spotify Platform War
  • [02:30] Malaysia’s current podcast sentiment, Spotify’s integration and Apple’s efforts
  • [05:50] The Third: Google and its rise of features
  • [07:55] Lack of Apple Podcast visibility in Asia
  • [08:50] UI/UX Features will be the key
  • [10:34] Continued consolidation of podcasts
  • [11:54] Asian Gimlet-sized deals a possibility?
  • [12:57] More revenue models is good!
  • [14:47] The role of local podcasting networks
  • [16:29] Disrupting advertising metrics
  • [17:53] Going global: India is already here
  • [18:29] Ximalaya and Himalaya’s Chinese dominance
  • [19:54] Hotpod for the rest of the world
  • [20:37] How Podlovers Asia will contribute + personal predictions for the Asian space

Original article can be found here: 20 Podcast Predictions for 2020 from Top Industry Leaders