AntiFool is looking for guests!

AntiFool is looking for guests!

Hey there future guest! I’m an experienced interviewer/podcaster looking for guests on my new show.

The premise of AntiFool is simple:

I play the fool, I ask the questions, you get the answers.

Our guest is the ‘AntiFool‘: our source of wisdom who we will learn from each episode.

You can find the full description here.

Check out the trailer to get a feel:

Are you my new guest? 😄 Let’s see!

What I’m looking for

My interests range far and wide – I have plans to reach out to people with a philanthropic and social entrepreneurship background, to entrepreneurs who are dabbling on the future of work. From scientists to authors, survivors to speakers; I have chats with people from all backgrounds, industries, and walks of life.

My goal is only one thing: deconstruct your wisdom to share it with the world. Each episode contains conversations for the curious, the vulnerable, the human.

This means that while we do touch on your specialty topic, we can get vulnerable: I may ask to share a bit of your self-introspection, your message, your struggles, and the lessons you’re willing to share.

If you feel we can have a deep and amazing conversation on your topic of choice, and allow me to play the fool and ask you the obvious, deep, introspective, and powerful questions, then we’ll have a damn good episode. 😄

To get a feel of what I mean, listen to the trailer episode:

Or check it out on the site.

We’re doing this through Zoom (for now), and I’ll provide you with social media copy, highlights of episodes as audiograms/quote images, and backups of the conversation at your request.

Here’s my experience

My flagship show, Podlovers Asia, covers the Asian podcasting industry, giving me the opportunity to connect with podcasters and movers all around the world.

Check out some of my episodes below for interviewing reference. I’ve chatted with:

As you can tell from how I handle my episodes: it’s less of an interview, and more of a deep-dive conversation. We want to get vulnerable and real here: that’s what makes us human. 😄

If you’re new to guesting on a show, don’t worry; we can take our time preparing into the conversation. If you’re experienced in guesting, fantastic: I’m happy to dive into it. I’m adaptable and can handle levels of experience. Happy to take both new and experienced individuals, so long as you have wisdom to share.

Currently pausing on getting more guests but do check back for more updates!