A narrative about cultures, locations, and people.

Zooming out beyond the differences in culture, values, environments, if we look at the big picture in society, we are all only human. From that far, we are all the same.

Zooming out even further, the details blur, and we become specks, dots if you will, on a map. As if we are…Ants Under the Sun.

This is essentially Tempered Fables, but a real-life version! If you’re into that sort of thing. =)

Having lived in multiple countries (Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Japan), I carry with me the experiences of different cultures and the differences between them. Put all that into an Iban-Malaysian (an indigenous tribe found on Borneo island), and you get…an interesting mix of stories.


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  1. Introducing: Ants Under The Sun
  2. Reflections of Passion (Yokohama Pt. 1) #1
  3. Tree of Life (Yokohama Pt. 2) #2
  4. Whales of August #3
  5. The Burned Tricycle #4

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