In this episode, we're sitting down to have a chat with a successful podcaster based in Thailand!

Greg Jorgensen is host of the Bangkok Podcast, and is on a journey to cover everything about the lovely city of Bangkok. Since 2011(!!), he covers a TON, from history to culture, specific locations and developments in the city over time, and more. All in 250+ episodes! With ~200 patrons in his Patreon, he has a whole list of loyal listeners supporting him which is amazing to hear.

We talked about:

  • Greg's journey to Bangkok and what compelled him to start the podcast
  • How he built a community of 200 paying members on his Patreon
  • His personal insights on the Thai podcasting scene



  • 03:14 How Greg arrived to Bangkok
  • 04:48 The intricacies of Bangkok as an interesting city
  • 09:57 Why a podcast? + The Origins of Bangkok Podcast
  • 13:20 How has the podcast evolved over time with different cohosts?
  • 16:40 How do you source for content about the city of Bangkok?
  • 23:32 How Greg grew his Patreon to 200 members
  • 26:07 Experimenting with premium content, failed segments and current events
  • 29:18 What is Thailand's national flower?
  • 30:55 Greg's insights on Thai podcasting scene
  • 36:18 The costs of living in Thailand as a foreigner
  • 39:30 Bangkok Podcast listenership, being friends with listeners and meetups
  • 44:19 Building a connection with the host
  • 46:41 Greg's podcast playlist, and dream episode to make
  • 52:34 'T.I.T': This is Thailand
  • 53:47 Love, Loathe, or Live With: The Asian podcasting scene

Bangkok Podcast

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