Brandee Sanders is the lifelong learner, the prolific actress performing in many different fields at the same time. She is the AntiFool.

In this episode, we are going to go on a wild rollercoaster ride through many different fields from acting to e-commerce, to marketing strategies, to consulting, to learning about self-introspection and how to communicate properly between different fields. But let's focus on the first: acting.

It's not just playing the main character in a film. Acting is looking inward and realizing your true human self and performing on a stage, whether a keynote or a play in front of an audience, a marketing strategy for customers, all of these situations require a certain level of acting. But who better to talk about acting and diving into all of these fields, than Brandee Sanders.

It'll be hard to describe Brandee, but I think it's best to read her profile on LinkedIn: award-winning woman in tech, blending, creative commerce, and content one dynamic enterprise at a time through results and data-driven decisions, innovative multimedia webinars, events, omnichannel, digital initiatives, WebDev analytics, and marketing. She is involved in so many different fields from data science, to analytics, to e-commerce, to FinTech, to mobile, to AI, to SaaS, and much more. But can you imagine that she started off with acting?

We talked about:

  • Her amazing origin story, how she came from a not so affluent background to her one-way trip to New York with $300 in her pocket, trying to make it big as an aspiring actress.
  • The amazing transition from acting to marketing, to eCommerce and consulting, and now working with so many large fortune 500 companies
  • The power of acting and how it's applicable to her professional working career.
  • Translating data, information and communication between different fields, from data scientists, to marketers, to upper management.


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  • 4:53 Brandee's origin story
  • 8:26 Her love for acting
  • 11:05 "Our digital avatars are the most eloquent version of ourselves"
  • 13:57 Writing your own playbook: everyone gets treated the same
  • 17:05 The need to gain new skills through gigs and sales
  • 18:51 The shift to an eCommerce business
  • 20:29 From eCommerce to consulting, and the truth about hard work
  • 22:29 To diversify your toolbox is to build yourself a safety net
  • 24:57 Preparedness for your career through the non-traditional path
  • 25:50 Translating between departments in a company
  • 26:39 The three careers of any professional
  • 31:03 Reinvent yourself and be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • 38:23 How acting helps you jump from field to field
  • 40:15 The corporate resting mask and engaging with an audience
  • 42:17 As actors, we are our own business
  • 44:26 Articulate for the audience and being your highest human self
  • 46:15 "Truly what acting is, is knowing yourself"
  • 48:08 Who the fuck am I?
  • 51:59 The heavy burden of mental health and talking about it
  • 53:58 The true act of acting is looking inwards
  • 57:37 The shame of being affected by the uncomfortable
  • 58:59 Fear of introspection
  • 1:01:52 Brandee's Memento
  • 1:03:08 Brandee's Walkaway Wisdom