The issue of environmental impact is a difficult one to tackle, but our guest today will be doing that in a unique manner.

Cece Heart is the Community Catalyzer for [[SEEDS Conscious Currency]], a conscious decentralised cryptocurrency on a mission to regenerate the planet. By creating a financial system, Cece and the SEEDS team has created a currency to incentivises users to purchase all kinds of things, amenities and more while saving the planet. As you use more of the currency, you can tap into various projects that help with environmental regeneration.

We talked about:

  • Her origin story, from a safe Canadian household to hosting educational retreats in the Latin American jungle
  • How to use the currency to make a positive impact on the environment
  • Her thoughts on inspiration, as the Inspiration Sorceress, and her wisdom on it.

Cece Heart is the Inspiration Sorceress, The Connector, on a mission to regenerate the planet. She is the AntiFool.

Let’s play the fool and learn from the wise by diving into my chat with Cece!


  • 03:46 From a safe home to living the jungle: How Cece cultivated her eco-minded character
  • 07:29 “A princess went to the jungle” Being terrified of spiders, howler monkeys, and more
  • 09:35 Why the retreat failed, and clashing with the local necessity mindset
  • 11:48 “Existing community has that element of safety” The biggest lesson Cece learned about herself during this time
  • 13:39 How the idea of SEEDS came about through the power of cacao
  • 17:56 Experimenting with cryptocurrency, reading from libraries across New Zealand and the first version of the SEEDS ecosystem
  • 22:04 How do I join and take part in SEEDS?
  • 24:04 What can I get with SEEDS coins: projects, voting and more
  • 28:09 Becoming part of the SEEDS alliance: who can join? What are the worries?
  • 34:17 What’s the first step to making the environment around us greener?
  • 36:45 What about people who don’t care about the environment?
  • 40:23 Cece’s personal memento, and her connection with her mother
  • 42:13 Walkaway wisdom: A piece of wisdom that represents Cece Heart43
  • 43:49 “Inspiration is magic” The Inspiration Sorceress’ definition of it

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