In this episode we’re talking with a member of the #roamcult who uses Roam as a lab book.

Cherry Sun is a second-year Ph.D. student based in Auckland, New Zealand. She’s studying a stem cell population from the human placenta and its potential role in babies that are born dangerously small ([[Fetal Growth Restriction]]).

As someone who is doing multiple experiments at the same time, Cherry has been finding ways to capture thoughts, record measurements, and results, and to collect all of them in one graph and database for her to make all the connections and Roam fits the bill.

We talked about:

  • Cherry Sun’s origin story: How she went from pen and paper to Notion to Roam.
  • Using Roam as a lab book, for experimentation ad stem cell research
  • Predictions in using Roam for collaborative research in her field


Check out the full transcript here


  • 2:33 From Notion to Roam for recording experiments
  • 5:03 When the square brackets started flying
  • 6:18 Searchability and changing the way we write
  • 7:37 How do you make your notes searchable?
  • 9:06 Having a running timeline of active cultures organically generated
  • 11:59 “The date is the smallest metadata you need”
  • 13:51 Bullet journals and paper and pen writing
  • 15:25 The power of work-life separation
  • 17:42 Handwriting is too personal for Cherry
  • 20:11 Function over creation, and having intent with Roam
  • 22:35 Cherry Sun’s thesis on [[Fetal Growth Restriction]]
  • 25:03 Cherry’s Roam Thoughts and her long-time project
  • 28:47 “This might form a connection somewhere down the line”
  • 30:45 Pitching Roam and [[Thought loss anxiety]]
  • 35:26 The future lab book: Roam for collaborative research
  • 40:31 What does Roam mean to Cherry