The Concept

Definition (Explicit)

So far, there is no explicit definition. This is a neologism. As of published date, have not made any effort to find already-existing terms out there.

Definition (Tacit)

Neologism: This is to determine the relationship between an individual and society in general, asking a simple question:

Will they be remembered?

Kings and queens, inventors, scientists, members of the faith, heroes, villains and more - they all strive to make a mark on Earth before they leave it. Fleeting as they are to be born, grow, live, and then die, they want to be immortal.

For all are scared of death, or at the very least have death as an influence on their decisions.

It's taking the red pill for the PKM community. See:

The Advantage

It may be the answer to genuine physical immortality, given that there is a low chance that we can achieve that level of technology at an accessible amount. Thinking out loud here, it might happen in my lifetime, but I may be too old and unworthy of such blessings by then. The young, able and ambitious are much more deserving.

The Flaw

It is proportional to the amount of work you're wilign to put in to make yourself memorable. So if you haven't tried hard enough, history will forget you.

The Character

We can think of a few first names that are enough to trigger a natural response when it comes to remembering specific figures that have shaped mankind.

It's a small game, let's play: you just have to think of the last names for each of the following first ones:

  • Leonardo __?
  • Maya __?
  • Margaret __?
  • Adolf __?

Remember, not all those who are remembered are inherently good. They serve as lessons to not steer humankind into the direction of evil, hence reminded as lessons regardless. We still have to be reminded of the atrocities that are done by these kinds of people.

The Application

"How will I do this?" is the question here.

For myself: I want to have conversations that last beyond the course of time. My time on Earth is my friend and enemy at the same time.

Diagram depicting my rendition of cultural immortality: accelerating human progress through articulation, insight and impact

Cultural Immortality is the End Goal

  • To achieve total cultural immortality is to be remembered even if your physical presence is away, as if you are a monolith of knowledge:

To be remembered is to be immortal, as per one's [[Memory]]. To be above all in meaning.

Question to explore:

How to be in love with life, serve the world and melt myself into the consciousness of everyone I adore

The act of transcending unto God is to fade into nothingness and be part of everyone else's life, knowing that you have made an impact on them in some way. Similar to ascension of Buddha.

Progression Log

  • Neologism invented on October 20th, 2020. Published on September 10th, 2021.


To explore later: [[Currencies of Life]]