In this episode, I had a chat with the wonderful Evo Terra!

Evo is the host of the Podcast Pontifications podcast, a podcast about… podcast pontifications. In this show, he talks about the things that you should be thinking about when starting your own show or talking about the podcast industry in general.

With 16 years in the podcast industry and his first ever show in 2004, Evo is a powerhouse when it comes to podcasting, as host of show number 40 from the very beginning.

In this chat, we talked about:

  • His origin story, how he shared his first show with truck drivers who burned podcast CDs for long distance driving
  • Building up Podiobooks to launch the careers of many different authors (750 books!)
  • Thoughts on privacy and why he doesn’t mind compromising some of it in order to get the better experience online.
  • I played a game with him, a hypothetical situation where we tried to grow the Asia podcast market!

Anyway. Plenty of fun, laughter and amazing insight from him. Enjoy my chat with Evo Terra of Podcast Pontifications!

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  • 03:19 What Evo hates about today’s podcast apps
  • 06:51 Mobile-only listening and the different types of podcast listeners
  • 09:49 How Evo started Show no. 40 on October 12th, 2004
  • 13:46 How listeners get their podcasts in the early days of podcasting
  • 17:56 The first 40 podcasters, and the start of the Podcast Community
  • 19:19 19 – the number of shows that Evo has hosted over the last 16 years
  • 21:06 Launching the careers of many authors with 750 books through Podiobooks
  • 24:52 Being a paid podcaster for hospitals, and the mission behind Podcast Pontifications
  • 27:07 Podcasts are an easier way to gain access to expert insights
  • 29:57 “Retention rate of audio is vastly superior to video” and the 85% metric
  • 31:19 Is Apple the defacto source of data for podcast listener analytics?
  • 35:30 “Your privacy is an illusion” Evo gives a very different answer to Rob Walch of Libsyn on podcast privacy
  • 41:35 Hypothetical game: How do we grow the Asian podcast market? Thailand’s barriers, and South Korea as the leading example

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