In this episode, I had an amazing chat with Andrew Wang of the Inspired Money podcast, which is a Forbes Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast (whew!). While he’s not working on the show, Andrew, or Andy (whichever works!), is also a Financial Advisor and the Managing Partner of Runnymede Capital Management based in New Jersey.

While he’s not running the business, he’s interviewing actors, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and even a former WWE wrestler to help you get inspired and shift your mindset on money. Really powerful stuff!

He is also Co-Founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association, aimed to showcase the voices of Asian-Americans involved in the podcasting industry, so if you’re interested, do check them out!

We talked about:

  • How Andy started his show, going from a listener to a creator
  • The mission behind the Asian American Podcasters Association
  • The need to highlight Asian voices all around the world

Also, how did he get his Hawaiian name?

Awesome chatting with you Andy! 🙂


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