Welcome to the AntiFool podcast!

This is the show where we deconstruct the wisdom of people from all fields, backgrounds, and walks of life. I’m on a mission to create the antidote to foolishness, so we can understand the world and ourselves better. My role is simple: I play the fool, I ask the questions, you get the answers. We’ll have conversations crafted for the curious, the vulnerable, the human.

I interview authors, scientists, entrepreneurs, creators, movers all across the board. Those with a powerful message, and there are those who have gone through a number of struggles, trials and tribulations.

My interests range far and wide – we can go from tech in one episode to philanthropy in another, topics spanning across nations to concepts and predictions about the future. All of the macro and micro topics you can think of.

There’s an overarching question behind this show: How do we learn more about ourselves throughout the course of time?
In this episode, I talk about the What and Why behind this show, as well as answer the question above!

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