Podlovers Asia was designed to reach out to key players in the Asian podcasting scene!

It could be an up-and-coming or successful podcaster, from various genres, ranging from business and tech to fiction and comedy. It could also be a key player further down the chain, from producers to other reporters, media companies, you name it. All to paint a great picture of how it’s booming. If you’re interested in this space, whether you’re a budding podcaster, a brand, or an avid listener, you’ve come to the right place!

About myself, I’m a podcast consultant, a creative podcaster, and obsessed about podcasts as you can tell. If I’m not writing articles, I’m consulting teams on their podcast strategy, and if I’m not speaking in front of the mic I’m probably drafting notes for another show.

But back to this.

Podcasting is already here, and it’s bullish. It is important to keep up to date on what’s happening, but it might be too difficult. Things can be fragmented, groups, gatherings and companies may be isolating themselves just to keep afloat, and who knows what interesting things can come out of interviewing podcasters here? So if you’re just interested as me in going down this path, keep on listening and if you’re up for it too, just hit that subscribe button in your favourite app. It’ll help the both of us haha.

Without further ado, let’s dive into…the Podlovers Asia Show.