My Dear Friend,

Welcome to ThatsTheIssue 6. 'Tis a bit late, but let's start the roundtable, shall we?

Character Glossary:

  • Masahiro: Logic, Thought, Planning.
  • N.T. Cloever: Emotion, Imagination, Creativity.
  • The Fool: Curiosity, Conversations, Questions.
  • Podrick the Podcast Chicken: Podcasting.

Masahiro: Oh my. We ran really late this week haven't we?

Cloever: Indeed we did.

The Fool: Aye.

Podrick: Bok bok! (Aye.)

Masahiro: No matter. So. *What happened this week?*

Fabricating Serendipity

Masahiro: I'm a huge conversational person. I feel most of these friends we have in our minds, these characters are fabricated from my need to talk to people. Finding the golden moments where you seek pearls of wisdom in the words we say.

At the end of the day, it is what we capture and take into our minds, written down, and carry with us that makes us grow. We become 1% more everyday.

The Fool: What's that blank you've put in?

Masahiro: It can be whatever you want it to be. Transformed. Encouraged. Empowered.

The Fool: What have you become more of this week?

Masahiro: Grateful. Grateful that I can talk to people.

One quote from him that I liked was about the Rider and the Stallion Model, to help us realign ourselves:

Like Kahlil Corazo for [[RoamFM]]! This was what we were talking about: Fabricating Serendipity. Finding the gold in our conversations. I loved it. Such a long episode to enjoy and have great conversations. Really did enjoy it that much.

Kahlil Corazo: ...It's not only meaning and purpose, which drives me, but there's also a part of me that is more animal-like, and that is a stallion.

...The rider is moved by purpose and meaning where the stallion is moved by belongingness and recognition and things like that. What inspired this was this book by Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow.

...He talks about system one and system two, and how we make decisions. Like in the human mind, there is that quick instinctive decision making as system one, and then system two is the more deliberate and more recent based way of making decisions...

...Even Aristotle would say that our relationship with our intellect and will, your relationship with passions or emotions is, he uses the word political...It's not like you're programming some piece of software. It obeys you, whatever you tell it, you tell it to, this is more of like, you have to negotiate, you have to control, it's like, uh, essentially dealing with a pet, dealing with a stallion."

Cloever: He's a bit like us. He has characterized facets of his life. Interesting.

Masahiro: Indeed. It's lovely.

Failing the Big G

Podrick: Sad news, my friends.

The Fool: What is it?

Podrick: We failed the Google Podcast Creators Program.

Cloever: Oh dear.

The Fool: NOOooooooooooo—

Masahiro: Wait wait, it's fine. Don't fret. We weren't going to get it for sure anyway, so it's okay. This was expected. It would have been cool to do it but all is well.

Cloever: We have only lost this one chance, there will be plenty more in the future.

Podrick: Right. We can find other ways of making money via podcasting.

Masahiro: True, true. Say, what about that recent discussion we had?

The Fool: The one about RoamFM? We even had Conor's blessing didn't we?

Masahiro: Yes, we did. That and the client we recently grabbed...I'm sure we can work out a model that fits what everyone wants here.

Cloever: Indeed. Don't let the our failures blind us from our successes.

Podrick: Money? Speaking of successes...

The Big Move

Cloever: We have made a big move, haven’t we?

Masahiro: Yes, indeed. I’ve run the numbers, looks like we’re sticking with this for a long while.

The Fool: What are you talking about?

Podrick: We’re moving to Ghost, aren’t we?

Masahiro: Yeah. We’re going for it.

Podrick: Yay!

The Fool: What’s Ghost?

Masahiro: It’s a CMS, much cleaner than WordPress.

The Fool: What’s a CMS?

Masahiro: A Content Management System. Basically, that thing you post articles in. It manages all the stuff you post online.

The Fool: Oh, so like a blog?

Masahiro: Kind of. You need one for a blog. But a CMS manages all the posts and everything editorial-based. You can use other tools to make a blog or website look pretty. WordPress is the most popular one because it’s all in one: it’s open-source, and you can add more bells and whistles into it.

The Fool: That seems good. So why are we moving?

Masahiro: That’s exactly it: there’s too many bells and whistles. We just want to create, we don’t want to think about managing widgets, menus, adding categories, and more. We just want to create.

Cloever: All the friction on the screen can add up in the mind.

The Fool: When are we seeing the changes?

Masahiro: End of next week. I've been going through so many tech problems the last few days trying to prepare for the move. We've got a developer to help us make the transfer, but...the current site is so annoying!

For now though, that's all we'll be doing for the next few days. Dumb tech stuff.

The Fool: Hang in there!

Masahiro: You're helping me you know.

The Fool: Ah shit.

Podrick: Do I need to do anything?

Masahiro: No not really. I don't think we'll be doing that much podcasting stuff for the next week.

Podrick: Aw...

Masahiro: But anyway that's it for now, everyone. Just, take it slow, finish the things you need to do and we'll gather once the transfer is done.

Cloever: Please, rest my friends. I'll be waiting by the fire.

Podrick: Keep on listening, everyone!

The Fool: Stay warm and lovely!

Masahiro: And now, back to reality...and tech support.


Me: Until next time, my friend.

Personal Note:

I HATE WORDPRESS I SWEAR. That's it, that's the tweet. -N__