How’s it going mates? We’re going to be talking to one of the most talented podcast editors I’ve ever chatted with, Jarrod Watt!

Jarrod is a serial producer, writer, journalist and sound-hound (it’s what he calls himself as someone in love with beautiful sound design).

The orchestrator behind many podcasts published by the South China Morning Post, Jarrod covers a multitude of issues in Hong Kong, coming from 2 decades of audio production experience.

In that time, he discovered the truth behind a severely underrated Australian inventor by the name of Henry Sutton in the town of Ballarat, Australia, moved to Hong Kong and is now set to produce amazing shows. Honestly, you should check out his website to see what he does, there’s so much! In this episode, we talked about:

  • Australia’s Greatest Forgotten Inventor, and what Jarrod did to find the truth
  • The dynamics needed to make an amazing podcast team
  • Creating podcasts in multilingual Hong Kong, the barriers and opportunities



Shows Jarrod has worked on:

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