Julian Hayes II is a specialist in human performance and an optimizer of health. He is the AntiFool.

Julian is a human performance and health optimization advisor as well as an author. He helps high performing entrepreneurs and executives to create more energy and maximize their longevity and human performance without the guesswork so they can become superhuman in life and business. This is done through leveraging epigenetics, technology, and systems-based thinking. This trilogy of amazing aspects is what makes Julian stand out from the crowd. That really got to me, this triad of interesting aspects of what he’s doing. So I reached out to him and here we are.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • His origin story, how he went to medical school and dropped out one year after to become a writer.
  • How he made it his mission to pursue the grand ambition of becoming a writer in an environment where risk adversity is a lot higher than usual.
  • Health optimization: we talked about epigenetics, what it means and how your health is your most valuable currency.

Enjoy the chat!

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  • 03:50 The Origins of Julian Hayes ‘the Second’ and the power of names
  • 07:51 “Age is irrelevant” The aha moments Julian had growing up and moving to New York
  • 10:39 Realizations, entrepreneurship and becoming a writer
  • 14:16 The contrast: Being entrepreneurial vs. having security
  • 17:48 Becoming a superhuman and craving that extra 2% edge in life
  • 20:40 The weight behind history, and acting with intentionality
  • 22:27 What is epigenetics and why should I know about it?
  • 24:34 Performing alchemy with your body, processing information on a cellular level
  • 26:10 Designing your epigenetic environment right now
  • 28:02 Our genome was mapped out only 10 years ago, and possibilities for becoming optimized
  • 29:19 The power of being N of One
  • 30:48 The new paradigm of health using systems thinking, prevention instead of reaction
  • 35:12 ARISE: Julian’s specialized coaching program for optimized health
  • 37:25 Use cases of ARISE
  • 40:54 The common pattern in ambitious people: the dark side of success
  • 43:50 How loneliness can affect your heart and throw off your systems
  • 48:32 Julian’s memento cured his loneliness
  • 52:51 Walkaway Wisdom: Slow down to speed up, intention not attention
  • 55:24 “I’ve never seen anyone depressed on the dance floor”: Julian’s favourite salsa dancing move