Today’s guest is Kahlil Corazo, who is building Project Accessible Genomics, a playbook for deploying genomic pathogen surveillance in the global South. He is also creating training materials on using Roam for project management, as well as Fabricating Serendipity, connecting Roam individuals to each other and see its results.

The longest episode so far in RoamFM, we talked about:

  • Project Management and how startups can use Roam
  • The Idea-to-Reality production stack, and the Rider and the Stallion Model
  • Fabricating Serendipity between Roamans
  • Breaking down the Business Model Canvas using Roam
  • Possibilities in the field of genomics
  • Included as well are my own reflections on the podcast so far.


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  • 2:14 Fabricating serendipity: The podcast and RoamStack
  • 4:16 Masterminds and Discovering Roam
  • 7:08 Serendipity happened because of that simple meetup
  • 9:02 Training teams for project management through Roam
  • 13:38 New ways for online education through projects
  • 20:16 The Rider and the Stallion Model
  • 22:53 Our relationship with passions and emotions are political
  • 24:59 Taming the stallion through Roam, workflows
  • 30:35 Morning pages and written meditation
  • 33:15 Maker Manager Days and different stallions
  • 38:17 Focus on the problems because you want to fix problems
  • 39:24 Systems versus Goals
  • 44:18 The Roam Business Model Canvas
  • 46:44 Combining Zettelkasten and the Business Model Canvas
  • 47:51 Validating ideas in the field of genomics
  • 52:41 Making genomic pathogen surveillance accessible
  • 55:23 Roam trains you to think, Re: Stian’s episode
  • 59:21 Use Roam to find an area that just fits you
  • 1:01:28 Contemplating the future of Roam Research (startups, features)
  • 1:04:53 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn’t started using it?]] and [[What does Roam mean to you?]]
  • 1:06:18 Explaining Roam as a power tool for thinkers
  • 1:13:52 Interesting answers in describing Roam
  • 1:21:55 Incremental changes to my relationship with Roam
  • 1:25:21 Generating ideas through the Art Oracle Deck