This is the region in my mind. In Japanese, it's 火山 which is the word for Volcano. I don't have any inclination or fascination towards volcanoes (I mean, they're pretty awesome I have to say). I guess I liked the sound of the name, the musicality of it. The syllables seem melodic in nature.

As my understanding of the world grows, the number of names and locations will pop up here. With that comes multiple names. The first is below:

The Dancewater Fields

My place of serenity. A pebble for a ripple, a step for a wave.

A field of water similar to the tekken map, with a volcanic floor that can rupture the ground on a breakdown. When it gets too emotional there's a full moon that comes out.

It shakes according to the genre of the song, the depth, the breadth and everything in between. Water constructs can be found and imitated depending on the tune and instrument.

It is an organic place: anything can be created and danced to.

The animals live in my kingdom, and they rise from time to time: but I am the king, and I move according to the voice of my people. My world that always was.

A place of serenity and aesthetics.

To reach this place, dance

  • When I wish to return to the Fields, find the chance to dance. This is my place for meditation, a place to let loose the movements unrestrained.
  • Imagine the cool air, When in meditation, imagine this place. Cool, Dutch air, sitting on a lotus. There is an untouched lake, barely a ripple, and all that is floating on the surface is my mind in true balance.
  • Making intentional surface contact with the soul through the waters, one step at a time.

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