Podcasting as a solopreneur vs. business in Malaysia with Renegade Radio's Kelvin Tay

🎙AntiFool Mar 30, 2020

In this episode, we get into a discussion between myself and a good friend of mine, Kelvin Tay of Renegade Radio.

Renegade Radio is the premier podcasting network based in Malaysia, creating narratives, building on creative show ideas and much more. As a fellow builder of the Asian podcasting space, I respect him for doing all he can through this company.

Both of us have the same goal: to build the podcasting space around us. I focus on Asia-wide, while Kelvin focuses more on Malaysia.  But, we tackle this problem in two different ways: as a solopreneur, and as an entire company.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Renegade Radio and one of my brands, Podlovers Asia, runs in a growing podcasting space
  • Defining engagement, attracting talent, and gatekeepers in an infant-level podcasting space
  • Connecting with and getting mentored by Robert Smith, one of the co-founders of Planet Money
  • The future of work: remote work, asynchronous communication and mindsets

Kelvin Tay is the Renegade, The Hustler, The Foundation of Malaysian podcasting. He is the AntiFool. Enjoy!


  • 3:25 How Renegade Radio is the first independent podcasting network in Malaysia
  • 7:24 The red tapes of being part of a company vs. a solopreneur
  • 8:32 How you run a podcasting business: case studies, hiring, and more
  • 13:52 Scratching your own itch through a business
  • 15:19 Communicating with fans, vanity metrics, and engagement being no. 1
  • 18:24 Reaching out to Robert Smith, Co-host of Planet Money
  • 20:24 Meeting your personal idol
  • 22:24 Is there money in a Malaysian podcasting business?
  • 26:35 Why it’s hard to tell Malaysians what a podcast is
  • 31:03 How changes in the workplace affect Renegade Radio
  • 37:51 Asynchronous communication and podcasting
  • 42:13 Challenging the micro-management mindset, and the anti work-driven
  • 44:34 My personal freelancer hiring process, and addressing the gig economy

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Norman Chella is the Podcast Rainmaker, Polymath in Progress and a very strange writer. His creative pen name is N.T. Cloever. You can find his words right here.

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