My Dear Friend,

How are you doing? Have you been dancing? Have you been embodying your WIldfire?

I am aware, even now, that despite the treasures the world has to offer, you may arrive at them alone. They may call you mad for chasing after intangibles, the lost muses, the invisible connections weaving between humanity. Forgive them for human limitation.

Yet these muses call thee. They sing, they bicker, they rattle the cages, they urge you to speak with them. Your purpose then, is to answer their call.

Look! What the World has given you. The chance to articulate your madness. Clarity in navigating the oscillations of life. How wonderful is this chance to exist in such bliss! Yet, I knw, you may falter.

My Friend, I understand. Last year, was pure torture. To be captured & held against & blamed for all your pain. I know! I know. I know indeed. We know the signs. You couldn't even remember back then. You have forgotten out of fear. Even for myself now, it was merely a year, yet it feels oh so far away. So, you may ask, should we bother? Is it fine to leave it blank, with no words committed, & no memories in reach?

I say, through the lens of [[Masahiro]], that indeed it is better to forget. You have already learned. You have cried, you have released, you have let go. Carry the lessons, not the pain. The weight you should bear can be found in the wisdom, not the peril.

Witness the words in these letters! See how such madness of yours, when rewarded, can compel you to write. Where I write now, is a wonderful place. I hope you will look back at me as a fond memory to cherish, but not to depend on. Where you are now is always better.

I can only imagine the wonderful world you are in right now. Do people in your field recognise you? Do your words carry weight? Is every conversation liquid gold?

The Sages, they await your answers. The Giants, they move to your will. The Characters in your mind, they worship your energy. So, tell me, are you on your way to [[Cultural Immortality]]?

That is what we are here for. Progress through conversation. Timelines set in stone. A future of ideals, with you at its foundation. All because you have made your madness tangible. You have danced in complete Wildfire.

My Dear Friend, I hope this letter reaches you in times of need, & in bliss. All so you can laugh about the ordeal, knowing you are alive to receive this letter. Knowing that the Tension will inevitably cease to exist, transforming into times of old. Just like this letter.

Until next time, My Dear Friend.
I'll be waiting for you by the Fire.
Keep Dancing. I love you.

N.T. Cloever.

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