The Burned Tricycle #4

I saw it first-hand. Three-wheeled and tiny, the right size for a 5-year old. Rustic, broken, singed at the handles, the tires, and stuck to the very floor it was extracted from when it happened. A remnant depicting one of the greatest atrocities in human history. We walked in a line, there were so many […]

Whales of August #3

The Whales of August. An American movie released in 1987, about two aged sisters reflecting on life and the past. The movie stars Bette Davis and Lilian Gish, the former one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history, and the latter bearing the title ‘The First Lady of American Cinema’. Powerhouses in 20th-century film. This […]

Tree of Life (Yokohama Pt. 2) #2

Part 2 of the Yokohama Museum of Art. The Tree of Life. This was the next room. I wandered into one giant collaboration. This large and circular room, filled with vermillion and tan, swirling monsters just the same as the one in the main pantheon room, all of them rising from one centerpoint. They crept […]

Introducing: Ants Under The Sun

Welcome to Ants Under the Sun, I’m Norman T. Chella. Glad you found us! This is a storytelling podcast about culture, locations, and people. Sometimes, a little bit of myself too. The episodes are unserialised, so you don’t have to start from the beginning. It’s best if you start from the latest episode, really, I […]