Pluralsight is free for April!

If you’re interested in learning a new technical skill while stuck at home, Pluralsight is here for you! Get access to all the courses this entire month 🙂 Links Transcript [00:00:05]Norman: Hi there. This is Norm pretty quickly, I found this interesting website where you can learn a lot of skills for free […]

The Psychology of a WFH Uniform

Transcript [00:00:05]Norman: Do you have a uniform at home? And I’m not talking about a suit or a mechanics outfit or anything like that. I’m talking about a work from home uniform. Hello there. This is Norm with your host, Norm. That is me saying my name in a very redundant manner. [00:00:22] Welcome to […]

Trying out Descript for the first time!

I’m trying out a new tool to edit my podcasts – Descript! You should check it out: think of it as a Google Docs for podcasts. ;)Thanks Evo Terra for the recommendation! Main Links Descript website Like the show? MORE EPISODES HERE Check out the main website! Buy me a coffee! 🙂 Transcript [00:00:05] Hello […]

I’m now a SuperLearner Certified Coach!

Helping out people who want to reach their goals through memory and speedreading techniques, I can now be your professional cheerleader and guide! Let me help you remember things better 🙂 Links My Coach Page SuperLearner Masterclass Transcript [00:00:00] Norman: I am now a super learner certified coach. This is norm. Hi there. This is […]

Biographies and their advantages

Biographies are great to read, there’s a ton of advantages. But why do those advantages exist in the first place? I think it’s because: Comparison is a source of strength Perspectives are widened with greats Your circles are larger, and therefore standards are set higher. More in this episode. Links The tweet that got me […]