Helping out people who want to reach their goals through memory and speedreading techniques, I can now be your professional cheerleader and guide! Let me help you remember things better 🙂


[00:00:00] Norman: I am now a super learner certified coach. This is norm. Hi there. This is norm just giving you a quick update as to what I have been doing up to lately. Not sure if you know about this, but throughout most of our career and throughout most of our hobbies and interests, we tend to use our brains. And I don’t want to seem like an idiot for saying that, but what I mean by using our brains is that we tend to remember most experiences, most theories or different levels of knowledge that we can apply to whatever it is we are working on right now.

Whatever projects, whatever. You know, exciting passions that we’re working on and create something that represents us. But one of the most empirical abilities that is being used in this process is the ability to remember.

What if you can remember much more than right now? By going through a series of techniques, a series of trainings, a series of habitual practice to increase your memory capacity [00:01:00] and remember much more.

I thought about this question years ago and I took this course. This course is called the SuperLearner masterclass, and as a result, I have learned so much. I’ve applied a lot of it to my career memorizing tons of research and statistics to present an overview of, well, at the time it was the Asia wide FinTech industry, all presenting that to multiple clients.

And that really helped. Uh, I could help with setting the direction for the company at the time. And I took those skills with me when I went to do my own ventures. And not only that, the ability to retain tons of things into my head was paired with the fact that I could speed read a lot faster. And most people might think that speed reading does not work, but there is an absolute rule to speed reading where we must have by two that makes it work.

Without the ability to process a large amount of information and to remember [00:02:00] them in a quick manner. You wouldn’t be able to remember most things that you speed read. So why bother? I think that’s the question. Or that’s the situation that most people run into when they start learning how to speed read.

At the same time, they would read speed, read loads of things, but then five minutes later they forget everything because they lack the techniques to remember the exact information that they have just learned. And with this course, the super learner masterclass, you can learn both at the same time, which is cool because I just became a certified coach for it.

Ooh, and what does that mean. I coach you through the class. You set your goals down and with that I become your cheerleader, your accountability coach, your voice of reason to see where you are lacking, where you need to go, what you should do next, and help you train your own brain. So I don’t actually train your brain, but I help you with your plans so you can train your own brain to remember things a lot [00:03:00] better, a lot stronger, retain more information and practice techniques each and every day to speed read more information, which is fantastic.

It’s symbiotic. If you think about it, great memory, faster. Speeding. That means you can remember more things. That means you can. Speed, read a lot more things and remember all of them. It’s fantastic. So if you want to see what I’m up to regarding the super learner, you can always check out the link right here and to show notes.

That is my landing page where I help others remember names, vocabulary for their languages that they’re learning, and much more statistics and et cetera. I’m always happy to help other people. So if you’re interested, you can always get on a call with me through that link and of course, let me know. Do you need to remember more things?

I think you do take care and I’ll see you tomorrow. That’s the