Gary Chong is the filmmaker, the lecturer, and the enabler of content creators. He is the AntiFool.

In this episode, we’ll be diving into film!

Gary is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Gary Chong Studios, a production house that has produced over 560+ videos in the last decade for many different brands. Eg. Digi, Axiata, Sunway, Maybank, Allianz Bank, Kraken, Mindshare, and many more. He is a lecturer in the School of Liberal Arts of Taylor’s University here in Malaysia, in the area of Film and Communications for 8 years, and that is how he is giving back to the community.

His newest venture is Micro Film Academy, a disruptive education program that aims to revolutionize and empower content creation in the hands of an upcoming generation through SMEs, businesses, and children.

We talked about:

  • Gary’s origin story, from becoming an award-winning filmmaker to teaching students about film
  • Micro Film Academy’s mission: future-proofing businesses and children to create using the devices in their pockets
  • Preparing for IR4.0 through content creation and adapting to the digital age


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  • 03:22 How Gary went from questioning film to winning 18 awards for short films
  • 08:41 Thinking outside the box at film school
  • 10:34 Solutions-based thinking and French new wave
  • 12:04 The methodology Gary uses to serve clients for six figures
  • 16:45 The barriers in teaching students how to connect the dots
  • 20:28 Future proofing children and SMEs: Micro Film Academy’s mission
  • 30:13 How Micro Film tackles business-specific pain points
  • 36:06 How children will grow from learning about micro film, and benefits for parents
  • 42:23 Preparing for Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the digital age
  • 44:53 “The first thing we need to do is break our mindsets” How Gary views this opportunity
  • 47:15 Gary’s memento
  • 48:10 Walkaway wisdom: Everybody’s a filmmaker.