Award-winning Filmmaker Gary Chong talks Micro Film Academy, Filmmaking for Businesses and Children, and Preparing for IR4.0

🎙AntiFool Apr 29, 2020

Gary Chong is the filmmaker, the lecturer, and the enabler of content creators. He is the AntiFool.

In this episode, we’ll be diving into film!

Gary is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Gary Chong Studios, a production house that has produced over 560+ videos in the last decade for many different brands. Eg. Digi, Axiata, Sunway, Maybank, Allianz Bank, Kraken, Mindshare, and many more. He is a lecturer in the School of Liberal Arts of Taylor’s University here in Malaysia, in the area of Film and Communications for 8 years, and that is how he is giving back to the community.

His newest venture is Micro Film Academy, a disruptive education program that aims to revolutionize and empower content creation in the hands of an upcoming generation through SMEs, businesses, and children.

We talked about:

  • Gary’s origin story, from becoming an award-winning filmmaker to teaching students about film
  • Micro Film Academy’s mission: future-proofing businesses and children to create using the devices in their pockets
  • Preparing for IR4.0 through content creation and adapting to the digital age


For the full transcript, click here


  • 03:22 How Gary went from questioning film to winning 18 awards for short films
  • 08:41 Thinking outside the box at film school
  • 10:34 Solutions-based thinking and French new wave
  • 12:04 The methodology Gary uses to serve clients for six figures
  • 16:45 The barriers in teaching students how to connect the dots
  • 20:28 Future proofing children and SMEs: Micro Film Academy’s mission
  • 30:13 How Micro Film tackles business-specific pain points
  • 36:06 How children will grow from learning about micro film, and benefits for parents
  • 42:23 Preparing for Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the digital age
  • 44:53 “The first thing we need to do is break our mindsets” How Gary views this opportunity
  • 47:15 Gary’s memento
  • 48:10 Walkaway wisdom: Everybody’s a filmmaker.



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