My Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Inner Transcript. Let's start the roundtable, shall we? (For a quick reminder as to who the characters are, click here)

This is a small update for those who signed up to this newsletter:

Cloever: Hello there, My Dear Friend.


Cloever: Silly Podrick - not everyone here has a microphone ready to speak to the world.

Podrick: Awww...

Masahiro: Greetings, fellow thinkers.

We have an update for you, only from the 3 of us this time:

There's going to be some positive changes to the Inner Transcript. You might have already witnessed it today.

Recently, the platform that we all exist on, Ghost, has made a huge update that allowed us to make multiple newsletters.

So we are trying something new by having different newsletters that cater to different interests, which are branching out from the main one that you are reading right now.

The first newsletter is Lorebook, and it's going to contain all the creative works and pieces and fictional imaginations led by N.T. Cloever.

Cloever: I am happy to share the warmth of my words any way I can.

Masahiro: The next is called Podlovers Ponders, which will contain all of the rants and thoughts surrounding Podcasting from our dear friend Podrick.

Podrick: YES!! Now I can unleash all my rants on the crazy stuff that's been happening recently. I thought I could do it through a podcast, but I have a feeling that these are rants better off shared with those are willing to listen to all of us in the first place. Will keep it here for now.

Masahiro: Well, what does this mean for you?

For now, The Inner Transcript will still be the main newsletter of the website. However, it won't be as frequent as the others. These micro-newsletters are easier to do and are specialised in specific fields, so you can freely choose whether to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of them. It's your choice!

If you've signed up here, that means you already have a Ghost account on my website. You can adjust your subscription settings there. To do so, click on the membership icon on the top right, and choose which ones you'd like to continue with. For now, I've assigned you to all three, but you are free to listen or not to any of them. No hard feelings.

In the meantime, The Inner Transcript will still be a mega-newsletter with every facet existing on this website, and of course that may not be for everybody. Best to pick and choose the fields we are most interested in. From there, you can start to understand a fragment of my whole self without getting too confused in navigating through others.

We've been having problems with publishing and figuring out what we want to talk about, plus this year has been VERY busy. Having these micro newsletters would be a great way for us to get back into the groove of creating.

Cloever: Regardless of how small, there is no greater indicator of who we are than what we create, witnessing the mirror reflection in the words we have penned down.

Masahiro: but for now, that's it. Two new extra newsletters for you to check out. Enjoy!

Podrick: Bokbok! (Happy podcasting!)

Cloever: Until next time, My Dear Friend.

Stay warm and lovely.
We'll see you next time, in the next gathering. ❤️