Pluralsight is free for April!

🎙This is Norm Apr 13, 2020

If you’re interested in learning a new technical skill while stuck at home, Pluralsight is here for you! Get access to all the courses this entire month 🙂


[00:00:05]Norman: Hi there. This is Norm pretty quickly, I found this interesting website where you can learn a lot of skills for free for the entirety of April. It’s called Pluralsight.

[00:00:16] If you don’t know what Pluralsight is, it is the technology skills platform. I’ll give you a quote directly from here. Quote: “At Pluralsight, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow with assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts.

[00:00:35] Our platform helps businesses, businesses, and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products.”

[00:00:43] Now that we’re stuck at home, maybe you want to consider learning a new skill. Pluralsight is doing it for free for the entirety of the month.

[00:00:50] Some example courses.

[00:00:52] Can range from software development, so Python, Java, script, Java C, web development, mobile development, or IT [00:01:00] ops, becoming a data professional in big data, SQL and using Oracle, cybersecurity. There is quite a number of interesting things here from that I’m sure if you are a data professional, a creative professional, or someone in architecture, design and cybersecurity, then there’s a lot here and it’s all for free.

[00:01:19] So get in while you can and check out the courses on Pluralsight, props to them.



Norman Chella is the Podcast Rainmaker, Polymath in Progress and a very strange writer. His creative pen name is N.T. Cloever. You can find his words right here.

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