Building Podcast Network Asia, and more with Ronster Baetiong of Hustleshare

🎙Podlovers Asia Mar 13, 2020

Warning: this episode is rated E for explicit!

In this episode, we take a quick trip to the Philippines to have a deep and funny chat with Ron Baetiong of Podcast Network Asia!

Ron is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years building all kinds of things. Coming from a tech background, he’s built a nightlife app called Partyphile that has closed down due to unfortunate circumstances, and from there he started, a chatbot solutions company.

In the midst of all of this, he wanted to take his lessons (going through the different stages of success and failures) by creating Hustleshare, a podcast interviewing known leaders and their hustles. To give back to the podcasting scene, he created Podcast Network Asia, an Asia-wide network!

We talked about:

  • Ron’s origin story as a serial entrepreneur
  • Starting an Asia-wide podcast network and its implications
  • Trends in the Philippines podcasting scene
  • Building the omnichannel analytics for podcasts:


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