In this episode, I had a chat with Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser!

If you don’t know yet, Podchaser is built to become the IMDB of podcasts: You can find any show, episode and even creator in the podcasting space through this platform. It’s like a social network, but much more welcoming 🙂

Growing rapidly, especially with the recent $1.65m in seed round funding(!!), Podchaser is out there for us creators and listeners to discover, market and share our love for podcasting. Amazing stuff. It works best especially in Asia, in a region where the Apple device penetrate rate isn’t as large, and that a large number of listeners don’t use Apple Podcasts as their main podcast listening app.

We talked about:

  • The Origins: how Podchaser started
  • What pain points is it trying to address, from discovery to engagement
  • Backlash from skeptics: the gatekeepers in the podcasting space

Also, breeding therapy horses. 😉



[5:05] Which apps to integrate with in the future

[8:01] The smart tagging system: organising shows by country, network, and more

[9:17] Podchaser’s Origin Story: Frustrations as a listener, Reddit, and more

[15:20] Building the MVP based on user feedback

[20:00] Skeptics and Gatekeepers: The struggles of growing a podcast community

[28:00] The Personalised feed, Qualitative Analytics for Podcast Networks

[31:26] Bradley’s biggest lesson growing this platform

[34:14] Startup vs. 9-to-5 culture: It’s not for everyone

[38:23] What is on Bradley’s podcast playlist?

[43:52] What Bradley would look to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene

[46:59] BONUS: Is it hard to breed a therapy horse?



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