Hello there, Norman here and welcome to Podlovers Asia, season three, coming in. If you are just tuning into the show, Podlovers Asia covers the Asian podcasting scene through conversations with producers, hosts, and independence as well as leaders in the podcasting space covering anything related to Asia's podcasting ecosystem.

And that as a very strange phrase to say, because what is the Asian podcasting ecosystem with every country, every market having their own factors, their own nuances.

That make it unique. I, your host am on a mission to map that out so that anyone that is interested in tapping into the markets here would be much more informed and will collectively grow the ecosystem altogether.

With season three, coming out, expect more conversations throughout the Asian continent from Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and many more

Excited to get back into this. If you have any recommendations for people that I should talk to.

Tweet at me at Podlovers Asia, or send me an email norm@podloversasia.com. That is norm@podloversasia.com. And send me over someone that you think might be a great fit for the show. And we can have an amazing conversation about what makes up each and every Asian market. So without further ado, let's dive into season three, coming out soon.

Take care.