Gaining Success as a Niche Solopreneur with Suraya Zainudin of Ringgit Oh Ringgit

🎙AntiFool Mar 30, 2020

In this episode, we had a chat with Suraya Zainudin, Founder of the Malaysian personal finance blog Ringgit Oh Ringgit. She’s created a sustainable career for herself as an independent freelancer, consultant and thought leader in Malaysian personal finance! Really inspiring.

We talked about:

  • How she started this journey (she said it was an accident) to becoming a freelancer,
  • Sharing her techstack and writing flow, and more
  • The pressure of comparison, by looking at the gripes of someone with a 9-to-5, and a negative boss
  • Mental health of a solopreneur
  • The future of remote work according to Suraya

Suraya Zainudin is the freelance writer, the independent, and a thought leader on Malaysian personal finance. She is the AntiFool. Let’s get right into it!


  • 2:51 Answering the question “What do you do?”
  • 4:08 Suraya’s niche career “was an accident”
  • 7:29 The skills someone need to freelance right now
  • 10:20 What Suraya learned about herself taking this leap
  • 11:47 Why she feels guilty about being independent
  • 15:16 Suraya’s techstack and writing flow
  • 20:13 “Remote work will rise” Suraya shares her thoughts

Suraya’s Social Media


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