Rob Walch of Libsyn talks Privacy in Podcasting, Attribution and Podcast Ethics

🎙Podlovers Asia Jan 11, 2020

The issue of privacy in podcasting should be discussed more: attributions, the ability to track listeners, and more are highlighting our need for ‘Pethics’ aka. podcast ethics. In a medium where it is where we don’t have to opt-in to listen to a show, how do we know that our privacy is secure?

In this episode, I had a conversation with Rob Walch of Libsyn to discuss this. Enjoy!


[3:34] Companies tracking listeners, without their knowledge, without opt-in

[7:09] Companies don’t tell podcasters they are tracking their listeners sometimes

[8:24] One company hung up the phone when asked if they’re sharing IP address information

[11:34] We don’t want podcasting to be looked at as a privacy breach

[11:36] Why an opt-in solution wouldn’t work, David Pakman, Omny and Scripts

[18:15] Advertising can work well, attribution is lazy and ineffective

[21:50] How to do ad insertion ethically

[24:48] IAB’s stance for consumer privacy, and the CCPA

[28:54] Rob’s thoughts on the Asian podcasting scene




Norman Chella is the Podcast Rainmaker, Polymath in Progress and a very strange writer. His creative pen name is N.T. Cloever. You can find his words right here.

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