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  • Want to know more about the Asian podcasting scene? Check out Podlovers Asia! I interview contributors to the Asian podcasting scene around the world for their story. Start here!
  • Eager to learn wisdom from a variety of individuals? Check out AntiFool! I play the fool, I ask them questions, and they share with us the answers. Powerful conversations to transform you.


  • If you’re in the mood for fiction, I recommend the Tempered Fables. It’s a short story fiction podcast, narrating you a new story every episode. Start listening here!
  • Listen to stories about locations, cultures and people? Ants Under The Sun is dedicated to that. The stories are designed to take you on a journey :). Currently on hiatus at the moment.


  • How about a quick daily show about anything and everything? Check out This is Norm, my quick and easy daily show!


This is a start to some of the articles I write. Take your pick!