In this episode, we talk about sustainable issues, reporting on them, and pangolins! 😅

Marcy Trent Long of the Sustainable Asia podcast is on a mission to cover specific issues within the region, ranging from deep mining to waste, plastics and more. Sustainability is in the name after all!

I knew Marcy through the Asia Podcast Awards, where Sustainable Asia was a finalist for Asia’s Best Podcast!

We talked about:

  • How to tackle sustainable issues from an Asian perspective
  • Going undercover(!) to get the perfect narrative
  • The difference between covering issues in Asia and the world

And of course, pangolins!

Enjoy 🙂


  • [2:58] How Marcy creates Sustainable Asia
  • [8:55] Choosing the right issues to cover, and what captures your attention
  • [11:24] The beauty of long form podcasting and going against the norm
  • [15:41] The Pangolin Reports, what they are, and why Sustainable Asia is covering them
  • [18:09] How they went undercover to get insights on pangolin trafficking
  • [21:56] How do we know that our local markets are sustainable?
  • [26:49] Censorship in Asia: issues that Sustainable Asia can’t cover
  • [28:43] State-level implications of issues, moving a capital city in Asia
  • [31:46] ‘Learning the narrative as we go’: The advantages of covering issues as a podcast
  • [35:06] Exploring Asian Radio Culture: Are listeners ready for longform journalistic episodes?
  • [40:05] What’s an issue that Sustainable Asia would like to cover next?
  • [41:54] Rainforests, and Norm’s personal connection with them
  • [45:19] How is the coronavirus affecting the show?
  • [51:32] What is on Marcy’s podcast playlist?
  • [57:14] What would Marcy like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene

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