Bills. Debt. Expenses.
I never liked those words.
Sure there are things like good debt, but the majority that rules this world is never welcomed. Don’t worry about the world for now. Worry about what is around you.

How are you doing with your finances?

Is it uncomfortable for you to answer that question? It’s alright, it’s the same for me too. I’ve had times where my money would be thinking for me. The (lack of) notes in my wallet made my decisions instead. It’s not a pretty sight.
Maybe you’ve experienced it too: not having enough money to hang out with your friends so often. Having trouble paying the bills.
Paying back the big D. That’s debt, in case anyone was thinking something else.
With a bit of planning and executing, I’ve organized my finances and I’m on my way to greater things. Money didn’t make my decisions, I did. It feels damn good.
I’m buying back my independence. Here’s how I am dealing with that.