In this episode, we’ll be talking with Nathaniel Fetalvero of Tech in Asia!

Nat is the host of Startup Snapshot, a podcast by Tech in Asia, the leading publication covering the Asian tech scene. He is the interviewer, host and orchestrator behind the show, brought it together up to 3 seasons. Now launching a new segment called Deep Dive, Nat shares his experience growing a podcast for the tech audience in Asia. I’ve known him since the Asia Podcast Summit last year so this is more a catch up between the both of us 🙂

We talked about:

  • How Startup Snapshot started as an idea in Tech in Asia
  • The different barriers in trying to capture a listenership for tech entrepreneurs (Written vs. Audio)
  • The sensitivity of scoops that can undermine both a company and publication’s reputation
  • Managing the balance between listenership needs, desires, and creating content aligning with Tech in Asia’s mission

A whole variety of things we talked about here, from marketing to guesting, to starting a podcast network…? Enjoy!


  • 03:18 The stress behind running Startup Snapshot
  • 04:54 Starting with cardboard boxes, and underestimating the format
  • 07:29 Tech in Asia’s Unfair Advantage
  • 10:59 Why listenership from the website dropped significantly
  • 14:02 Tech in Asia’s shownotes strategy, and how profiling helps that
  • 20:06 Best time to share content, and why we schedule written vs audio differently
  • 24:13 Tech in Asia’s full-stack content marketing strategy for Startup Snapshot and audience adaptation
  • 29:35 “People would want to listen to work things over the weekend” readership vs. follower counts in the weekend
  • 32:28 Talking about business failure, the publication-business relationship, and the smaller players
  • 38:32 “The honesty came through in all the episodes” on PR agencies and sensitive issues
  • 49:45 Covering Asia-specific stories: breaking the language barrier
  • 52:49 “We want to create a Tech in Asia network for podcasts” Nat shares future plans for podcasting
  • 1:01:53 What is on Nat’s podcast playlist?
  • 1:10:21 What Nat would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?

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