[00:00:05]Norman: Do you have a uniform at home? And I’m not talking about a suit or a mechanics outfit or anything like that. I’m talking about a work from home uniform. Hello there. This is Norm with your host, Norm. That is me saying my name in a very redundant manner.

[00:00:22] Welcome to the show. I want to talk about having a uniform at home when you are working while stuck in the house with all the outbreak stuff happening. I do want to talk about something from a psychology standpoint where if you were to assign a work from home uniform then how does that affect you mentally?

[00:00:41]The thing is, whenever we are stuck at home, we are accustomed to a very comfortable environment. The bed is there, the couch is there. You have your snack table, you have all the food in the fridge and in the freezer, and you have your lovely family and friends to chat with and converse and laugh and

[00:01:00] cry.

[00:01:00] Basically, there are a lot of lovely things to have in your house to help you wind down. To help you unwind, and that is always fantastic. But given the circumstances that have been happening recently, how can we make sure that we can focus while still within the confines of our own house?

[00:01:19]So I decided to do something a little bit different. I decided to have a work from home uniform that I will put on every time I want to start work. Does it sound comfortable? No, not really. Well, it can be comfortable, but it depends.

[00:01:33]This uniform doesn’t have to be like an office wear, or a dress shirt or anything like that. It could even be one piece of clothing that you put on to self signal to yourself that it does now work mode and that you should focus. This would be very useful for people who are not used to work from home environments and now that you’re working from your bed or from your bedroom,

[00:01:55]it will become difficult to determine or discern the difference

[00:02:00] between when you are working and when you are resting. And in an environment where you are primed for distractions. That will be even harder.

[00:02:07]So I’ll give you my work from home uniform. It is a green sports hoodie from HnM That looks good. Normally I would probably use it for a run if I could even run in this outbreak, but I have it here. Hung on the chair upstairs in my Turned office set up. for podcast interviews as well as when I need to focus.

[00:02:29] I put on this jacket and that tells me, or that gives me a signal to say, work. Let’s do some work. Let’s focus, right. Let’s create something great.

[00:02:40]This uniform is me giving permission to myself to do some damn good work, and I think that we will need that kind of psychology to occur more often in a habitual manner via a uniform or anything else that we can do. Something similar would be a morning ritual or a ritual to do right

[00:03:00] before you start work.

[00:03:01] Maybe, a prayer or five minutes of journaling and right after journaling, you can get right into the heat of the battle. Starting your first post, recording your first podcast episode, and really just taking control of the day because everything counts when it comes to taking control of the day and when you need to do work, when you need to do something great.

[00:03:24] A uniform may help with that. As long as you can find a way to self signal to yourself that now is the time for creating something and not the time for messing around and going on social media, then all should be well.
[00:03:36]So what is your work from home uniform? What is your ritual? let me know and tweet at me.