In this episode, I had a chat with Rob Loewenthal and Semin Nurkic about Whooshkaa and their expansion into Asia!

Great timing as well as they have announced their partnerships with Ripple, the Malaysian broadcasting company as well as Astro Radio, a popular radio network in recent months.

They had a booth at RadioDays Asia last year, which was the inaugural broadcast/podcast event held right here in Kuala Lumpur. Though there was a ton of booths covering broadcasting tech as well as solutions for radio stations and the like, Whooshkaa caters for all kinds of audio content, including podcasts! Sweeet.

Rob, the CEO and Semin, the CTO, were there to chat with people interested in podcasts (including me). We kept in touch, and after hearing about their recent announcement, I reached out to get their story.

Throughout the talk, you’ll hear about:

  • Their plans coming in from Australia to Malaysia, and their perspectives on the Asian podcasting space
  • All the uses cases: Educators, radio stations, indies? ALL OF THEM! And they share how they do it
  • How did Whooshkaa get its name? There’s horse-racing involved!


[3:25] The deals with Astro and Ripple started even before then

[5:57] Malaysian listenership according to Whooshkaa

[7:02] Whooshkaa’s history: the name and when it started

[10:10] Semin’s startup experience, and transition from UGC to audio tech

[11:42] So many uses cases for Whooshkaa, including education, etc.

[14:42] Dynamically-inserted ads, Whooshkaa’s cue-point system

[22:20] Deep diving into how they do podcast advertisements in Australia and globally

[24:52] All anonymous data, geographical only

[27:35] Whooshkaa’s expansion and impact in Asia

[31:52] What would Rob and Semin like to see more of in the Asian Podcasting Scene?

[35:55] Rob and Semin’s pod recommendations!

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