This feels like the final question to answer once everything is done. Better yet, even before I start something:

  • Why at all?
  • Why do anything?
  • Why must we continue?
  • Why must we end things?

I'll leave it open. Maybe years later, I can flesh this post out. For now, here are 2 answers that will be subject to improvement:

  • The first is that when it concerns death: why I do anything I'm doing right now is to achieve [[Cultural Immortality]]
  • The second is to be reassured that the world will give back to its children, humanity, in a sustainable way that excites and increases the overall scale of imaginative energy mankind can absorb.

As an example, here is the Feynmann method to articulate all of my activities:

Progression Log

  • Leaving this post open as I haven't finished it yet. I can find a number of articulations to it through different mediums ([[Vivid Vision]], [[Start With Why]], [[Open Letter Why]], [[The Why How What]]).