In this episode, we have someone very interesting and varied in his experience.

Yannis Dimitroulas is an expert in marketing currently leading a content marketing team based in the Netherlands. He’s done quite a number of marketing consultant work, been part of a team to sell chocolate all around the world, and most of all he is a good friend. We’ve known each other since 2007, and I know from seeing his journey until now that there’s going to be some amazing wisdom from him.

We talked about:

  • Vulnerability and what we can learn from it
  • Finding your why and its importance
  • Being a cross-cultural kid and living among cultures
  • We talked about the observations we have of the world, from philosophy to business models and more

Yannis is the marketer, the riser, and a brother in the pursuit of wisdom. He is the AntiFool.



  • 03:12 Learning to be quiet in a room full of valuable voices
  • 06:05 Empathy, becoming a pillar of support
  • 12:41 Inspirational figures make impact beyond cultural borders
  • 18:10 How do we build a school to encourage ambition and character?
  • 21:23 Lead vs. Being Led: when listening has opened doors for Yannis
  • 27:45 Life as an adventure, and joining Tensail
  • 34:34 Jumping into a market Yannis knew nothing about
  • 37:40 “What is your philosophy?”
  • 40:58 Teal Organisations: Companies with no roles, only employees and coaches
  • 46:50 Worried Optimism on the Future of Work
  • 51:16 The rise of women leaders
  • 58:11 Why we don’t want to be wrong
  • 1:02:52 Alienation in cultures, from the Netherlands as foreigners to other countries
  • 1:09:21 To know nothing about philosophy, and Yannis’ favourite timeless wisdom
  • 1:16:02 Finding the meaning behind our existence

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