I've written a permission slip to prevent hesitation. I'm willing to share your burden with you.

Maybe you're stuck like I am. You're about to make a decision that will change your life.

Maybe you need permission. You might need Life to hold your hand, or even better, a Dear Friend.

Let me play that role: your greatest cheerleader, your partner in crime, your bulwark against failure. Fear will perish against our contract, and hesitation disintegrate according to our agreement.

For Creators

For the creators out there, here is a permission slip:

  • You have my permission to create something imperfect.
  • You have my permission to flourish and add colour to your body of work.
  • You have my permission to curate without regard for comparison.
  • You have my permission to try something radical.
  • You have my permission to obsess and fight for your place.
  • You have my permission to go forth and execute without hesitation.

All failures are lessons waiting to teach you how to grow. All losses are synonyms of opportunity. All success are proof of your battles.

All of your being rests upon giving yourself permission to march forward.

Let it be known that the only voice in your mind that has power is yours alone, and anyone else's is a narrative you choose to believe. If you refuse to believe in the negative, they will wither away in irrelevance.

The only role of Fear is to remind you how to be brave. Creators do so despite the fear, and that is Bravery in a nutshell.

For the Weird

You have my permission to be weird.

It's alright if your voice is different, or if the way you paint is unnatural, that your newsletter is different, or your blog posts aren't as long, or your video isn't as polished, or your podcasts not so enticing.

Everybody has their sense of weirdness and we're fighting for minute attention. Those differences won't matter. Who worries over perfectionism more than the perfectionists themselves? Since when did audiences ever relate to perfection?None of it will matter when your strange thoughts will multiply.

You have my permission to cast a net and capture all of your imaginations.

It is Infinity in a painting only you can articulate: everyone will find that weird. That is fine. You understand its grandness, and that is enough.

You have my permission to let honesty run through your veins.

It's fine to dance in the rain when you feel like it, for those who laugh at you lay rotting behind their windows and screens, pressing their faces against the glass.

They will call us names and will be left behind drowning in them. Let them play with their toys and shout from their balconies: none of them are willing to play outside with us. They stay sheltered in hatred, envy. I ask you to ignore them.

For the Hesitant

You have my permission to defeat hesitation.

  • Start that idea. That idea will longer and haunt you. [[Regret]] is a burden not worth bearing.
  • Bestow change to yourself as a reward. If you desire a better life, defaulting to old systems is subconscious hesitation. Be aware of you are doing and pivot.
  • Write that article. Your voice matters. I want to read it. I want to see you bloom online.

Don't hesitate to trade likes for loves: liking and paying attention to things that amuse you won't matter compared to deeper experiences. Those will be the ones you will think about well into the future.

For the Living

You have my permission to be alive. You are wanted. You belong. You can dance. You can fly. You can speak, and you can

You have my permission to flow. The act of non-doing, the art of non-forcing, to step back and let your body drive.

To flow is to be in a constant act of higher living, and to start now is to give permission to all of your time on Earth.

You now have permission. Now begin.