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🎙Tempered Fables

EP 2: Heaven is Alive


There are a few questions that are left unanswered throughout human history.

One of them pertains to omnipotence: the ability to be all-seeing. Quite a few figures are said to be All-Seeing, mostly found in religious texts. We regard them to be wise, endearing, and a necessary power to keep the world moving, and allow time to continue.

Yet, not all may be able to comprehend the significance of such a figure, unless they have had experienced such. We are born, survive in our struggles, live, and then die. What else do we know except to live? Is dying then, unnatural to us?

This was the result of my musings on the Afterlife if it ever exists. If there is a heaven, if there is a hell. Let’s assume they all exist. What would be my vision of heaven? Is it easy to get in?

If heaven exists, what three questions would you have to answer to get in?

The original post can be found here.

Until next time, friend! I’ll be waiting, by the fire.

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N.T. Cloever.