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Welcome to the Glossary! This is where I can introduce lingo that is specific to this website (eg. the weird names and places in ๐Ÿ’ŒThe Inner Transcript). Will update this over time.

Multifaceted Characters

I write in a very multifaceted fashion: through transcripts, conversations and characters. They're used for ๐Ÿ’ŒThe Inner Transcript, as well as some parts of the website (eg. Cloever for ๐ŸฆชPieces). Here is a one-line explanation of what each character represents:

  • N.T. Cloever: Emotion, Imagination, Creativity. The fiction writer, the fantasy character. Narrator of Tempered Fables
  • Masahiro: Logic, Thought, Planning. The peak of understanding.
  • The Fool: Curiosity, Conversations, Questions. The one who asks. The one who humbles themselves to the pursuit of learning more from everything. Truly the idiot of the bunch. Focuses on AntiFool.
  • Podrick the Podcast Chicken: Podcasting. All about making noise. He's a giant chicken.
  • Duo Desire: Comedy & Tragedy (Dia, Left), Warmth & Empathy (Dei, Right)

They're all based on the Alter Ego Effect, which helped me embody specific facets of myself. The first that was created was Cloever, and the rest came in over time, for all facets are inherently responses to reality, and responses are fundamentally emotional in nature.

Each will come with their own detailed explanations over time, but note that all of them represent me in some way :)


Kazan is the word I chose to represent my inner mind. It is my place of being, where there is maximum clarity. You can think of it as the mental location I retreat to whenever I meditate.

Podcasting Glossary

  • Tim's and Joe's: Highly successful podcasters with great levels of engagement, revenue, and a great team behind them. Ironically, their success serves as a role model for budding podcasters who look at the craft as not much hard work with great (financial) returns. Oh how wrong they were (BeCAuSE iT's JusT TAlKING)
  • Podvoice: The podcaster/radio/persona voice. I tend to call it because it sounds performative: as much as we enjoy it in standard consumption contexts, once we meet them in real life it's going to be quite the shock to realise that they don't really sound like that ๐Ÿ˜….