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🎙Tempered Fables

EP 3: The End Continues


Some things in life are absolute. Whether it be the love one would have for their children, water as a necessity for every human being, or money to survive.

But Death, Death had always been absolute.

In a quest to search for answers, I came to notice that Death had been conceptualized in many different ways – regardless of culture, the personification of a person passing away can take many forms.

We could imagine souls leaving their bodies and going to heaven, or we can imagine the gates of said heaven. We can imagine a long river into the Afterlife, with a gatekeeper guiding the boat to lead them. Writers talk of purgatory, and the seven circles of hell, while others try to describe paradise: a place the living cannot see, only imagine.

What if, Death was a human being? Or a…thing? An entity that walks this Earth? They come to take people away, according to some sort of higher Will. What if he has a subconscious? What would be their rationale? Mindset? Anything? What if, Death gave you a choice before taking you away.

If death came to take you but gave you the choice to pass it to someone else, who would it be?

As I set the book down on a lovely Sunday morning, I felt a sudden sense of dread crawl under my skin. A single question went through my mind in that moment:

I’d love to hear what you guys think. It would be great to get some feedback, whether or not I should focus on shorter and concise stories, or get into long ones more often. Either way, thank you very much for the kind support. Love you guys!

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‘Til then, I’ll be waiting, by the fire.

N.T. Cloever