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The Happiness Growth Plateau

Money X Happiness as axes, addressing conflict and opportunity, the influence of civilizational fabric on the self, and how to achieve infinite happiness


This is a note in progress.

The Happiness Growth Plateau is an exploration on the relationship between Money and Happiness. The sad assumption is that with more money comes happiness, but conflicts with the self as well as external factors prevent us from reaching that ideal. So we start to define happiness ourselves, away from money, and consequently from society.

The Happiness Growth Plateau.

What is conflict?

What is conflict if not tests of growth? What is it if not chances to leave our mortal shell & metamorphosize into beautiful human beings? Where else can we challenge ourselves without a silver spoon, and settings not chosen, to expand ourselves in every angle?

But, it hits us hard. It would knock us off our feet. You may bleed, you may break a bone.

Conflict then, is the state of attempts: processing the situation, breaking your fall, recovery, and getting up. They exist in small pockets of time (relative to your lifetime); Therein comes the wisdom "This too shall pass", the recognition that this line does not end at this point in time.

Our lives are Arrows, not Dots: we exist to navigate through the page of life, not end the story there.

We are chapters, not endings. We exist on the bookshelves of our loved ones. Forgive ourselves for writing a sequel: our readers crave our words.

Civilisational Fabric

  • Societal Grandeur: Rich and famous lifestyles, media-induced dreams, aspirations from external sources
  • Fear from an empty life: Projections of loss made tangible. What we hope not to get if we lose everything.
  • Dissociations from ideals: Independence of personal definitions. Expressed happiness only found within your Inner Self.

Why do we have ideals?

Ideals are made to guide us. Think of all the forms of Faith that exist: there is a leader, a Higher Being, a projected entity of Anti-Hesitation. They are Perfect, in that they do not possess our fears. It's projecting who we are without flaw. Gods are merely humans who recognise no weight in fear.

What happens in the Plateau?

To be finished

How does this occur? (Breaking off from the plateau)

Introspection is key here. We have to realize and remind ourselves constantly, the impact of money on our happiness is not its accumulation & effort on our status, but rather the opportunities money provides us.

Millionaires vs. Billionaires: They buy the same thing, only at different scales.

Phase transition into millionaire status is an unsung level of Financial Literacy no one taught us.

It's only when we can feel comfortable with fighting the battles that we start deconstructing our own definitions to pursue an enlightening definition of happiness.

How do we achieve Infinite Happiness?

  • To be finished - when Life line exponentially increases and eventually breaks off the graph, rendering money irrelevant.