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The Concept

Definition (Explicit)

From Wikipedia: Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed.

Definition (Tacit)

From Aravind Balla:

​I always thought it as a muscle. But perspective changed when when I read [[Big Magic]]. It's an energy that comes to you.
It's not just you choosing creativity, but it is also the creativity choosing you. - Big Magic
  • A type of muscle: Can be trained, like a muscle, according to [[Jonathan Levi]]

The fuel for [[Imagination]]. Asking questions of the world and the result is the world answering back - that is creativity. Polymathic integration requires a base of creativity as a foundation before initiating.

From a voice memo exploring Polymathy on 19th December 2020:

Polymaths are...people who have cultivated (these) specific skills long enough to the point where they can bring it up naturally just as they would breathe and eat and think. They are people who have built a habit out of making integrations, deconstructing these borders all the time...out of the expression of their character.

A state of embodiment. Put another way, if Creativity were a person, they would have an entire body of their own contained within us. This body requires the constant, rigorous upkeep of proper dieting, exercise and habits to do what it's meant to do.

It requires a certain diet, exercise, and habits to do what it's meant to do.

What is the purpose of creativity?

  • The main activity of creativity as a person/purpose is to pay attention to potential connections between the ethereal (thoughts), the logical (perceptions) and the imaginary (fictions).