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As of 17th June, 2023

Librarian work, tattoo journeys, and a new romantic memoir coming out.


TTN has undergone a huge change!

  • I'm still the Podcast Librarian at Podchaser, am focused on making sure the credits, show accuracy, and all of the information on the site is as correct and accurate as possible. All 5 million shows!
  • I'm currently drafting all of the stories for the following shows: Tempered Fables, Ants Under The Sun, As a Romantic Ponders, and more.
  • I'm finishing up my upcoming memoir, For a Thousand Springs, to talk about my explorations into the realm of love and intimacy, after a horrifying incident that led to memory loss.
  • I've just come back from London to give a talk at The Podcast Show London, to be part of a panel representing Asian podcasting!
  • I'm still in the midst of my tattoo journey - The Cloever's Paracosm tattoo is still in the midst of shading the background, and colouring should be done by September!