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You enter a museum full of doors and wonders. Memories made tangible manifest all around you. Pages of lore float in the airspace, written to the brim with pieces and prose. The mind of the Author exists in every form in this space.

As you walk across the main hallway, there exists a booklet on the coffee table nearby, titled "WHAT IS THIS?". Β It tells you what this place is about. Really, the standard way, like how you would any other website.

ACTION: Pick up the booklet, to find out what this site is about.

The mural watches over you: Β a grand painting of the wonderful world of Kazan. Sitting in the centre, cozily by the fire with a green-jeweled notebook, the Author smiles comfortably within his thoughts.

ACTION: Touch the mural to find out more about the author.

But for now, enjoy. I will see you by the fire.
Stay warm, and stay lovely.


As of 10th December, 2023, this website is going through a giant overhaul.