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Support Me

If you want to support what I’m doing either through donations and other ways, here are some links for you :)

Supporting me for free

I appreciate your support. I don’t want to receive cash from you when you’re not in a great financial situation though! Here are some ways to support me for free:

  • Talk about me on social media and tag me: Every creator needs the support of their fans. You’d put a smile on my face that way :)
  • Reach out to me on Twitter for topic suggestions, guest recommendations and YOUR thoughts spun out from mine. I love seeing rabbit holes provoked from what I wrote down, and I want to see what you think too :)
  • Recommend me guests! I love looking at people's body of work, recent discussions and creations. If they're awesome enough, I'd love to interview them on one of my shows! Let me know who this lucky guest is by emailing me about them below.
  • Share my services to those in need: Do you know someone who needs help with their podcast? Send them my Rainmaker Page. What about help with memory and speedreading? I do that too!. Help me help someone in need, that counts as plenty of support ❤️

Something more private? Send me feedback here!