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How this site works


Hi there! Welcome to my playground. I’m Norm 🙂

ThatsTheNorm (or TTN for short) houses all the content I create: articles, podcasts and videos. They all go against the norm.

I’m Anti-Niche: If you’re a fan of covering a wide range of topics as podcasts and articles, and want to think about something new/different everyday, this is the place for you 😄

Some example articles cover polymaths, business, cryptocurrency, and self-development. The podcasts themselves range from intimate interviews to short story fiction, narrative history, reporting on the Asian podcasting scene and even daily shows.

How it works

Ever had a site so complicated I need a second page dedicated to explain how it works? 😅

ThatsTheNorm is the World that lives in my brain. Think of it as a web of content spanning different formats and names, like a major brand that holds multiple names under its belt. Kind of like Nestle with Kellogg’s and everything else!

You can think of this website as:

  • My [[Body of Work]]. It’s a depository of conversations I’ve had, and a full list of projects covering everything I’ve tried, discovered, failed and more.
  • My notes in progress: Most posts you see on this website are incomplete notes. They are made to be refined and form the foundation of my worldview. This means the posts are prone to updates and versions (I’ll note them in), and I emphasize relevance, not publish date (though I’ll keep track of them regardless).
  • Frequently Asked Questions (or Frequently Asked Thoughts) in my head: Some posts are short, to answer certain questions and opinions on phrases. Some are longer, commonly-asked questions about my life that I want to be recorded somewhere for others to see. It’s also a good way to direct people to a relevant post if I’ve answered a question before. I can also track where I don’t know, by looking at how little I’ve written on a topic or question. It helps me focus on what to learn!

The end goal is to build my own [[Textbook of the World]] through conversations. An Internet Garden of sorts. I share with you my short notes, scribblings, and all kinds of things that help you wander in my domain, as if visiting a bar full of interesting people. There will be imaginary characters, doodles, podcasts, episodes, what have you. But the point is that every time you go into my website, it's a different experience. It may be relevant to you or not but otherwise the different-ness makes it stick out 😄

To jump from context to context, I’m here to confuse you, and that's part of the fun. My only hope is this: for you to follow the tags, posts, etc. and create your own adventure of my notes!