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Who am I?

Hello hello!

I’m on a mission to deconstruct wisdom from all walks of life so we can understand ourselves and each other better.

What would you call yourself? I’ve always had a problem with this question.

On one hand, you can call me a writer, a voice actor, and a podcaster. On the other hand, you can call me a digital marketer, blogger, and someone involved in blockchain and startups. You could also call me a short story creator and narrator.

They’re all correct. But if you leave one part out, then it won’t be me: a piece will be missing. They are different facets of my whole.

Many of us hit that barrier when it comes to identifying ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s by label, purpose or field of interest, anything that we find fascinating becomes part of our lives. We play around and fall in love with it, stress over it, and accept as part of who we are.

We find out more about who we are by discovering more about what we like to do.

I dance in the aural realm

  • I blend creativity, art, and imagination into my career.
  • I start projects and businesses and boost them with creative works.
  • I market products, write narratives, and add value through storytelling.

I inject ‘fun’ into everything really! I have two sides:

The professional side:

The personal side:

Where I’m from 🏙

  • I grew up in many different places: born Malaysian, and lived in the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. Now, I’m based in KL. I say that, but I travel a lot for work so I'm not always at home (but really, what is Home? The soul asks).

What I aim to embody:

  • Eustress — aka. beneficial stress. It’s the stress you gain from being with like-minded, energetic people who inspire and empower you.
  • Creative Arts — anything that requires imagination.
  • Public speaking, performing — pretty much anything on stage!
  • Aesthetics – it's a fun pastime of mine to stare at paintings for hours and figure out what the creators are saying. Either that, or explore mood boards of different themes, from cyberpunk to fantasy.
  • All forms of articulation! Whether it's podcasts, writing, or dance; to me, they're all the same. Everything is a conversation. This website is the resultant output of all of my experiences with every medium. Of course I enjoy it!
  • Trying out new hobbies! From inventing my own dance, both with and without swords(!), film photography, and language invention. As you can tell, articulation amuses me.

What I like 😊

  • Random bunch of things I like: Japanese history, history of polymathy, memory/mnemonic strategies, capoeira,
  • Adventures in all forms (eg. Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Explorer’s sketchbooks, The Uncharted games!)
  • Outside of that, I’m a dancer, guitarist, and I speak multiple languages. I think in English and Japanese, and I am a sucker for a good steak.

What don’t I like 😒

  • Raisins (blergh)
  • Blue beetles (in a nutshell: some sort of allergic reaction to them)
  • Red flags for anything that ruins my imagination. My writing is sacred. Anything, or anyone, that prevents me from doing this act, I immediately cut off from my life. This varies: from constant exposure to one's insecurity, to moral outrage, to absolute disagreements in specific aesthetics (though this one is rare). But we try to push through anyway.

Media and Appearances


For a full list of my credit contributions to the podcasting industry, check out my Podchaser Creator Profile.